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Golden Oyster Grow-At-Home Mushroom Kit

Golden Oyster Grow-At-Home Mushroom Kit

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Out of Season – Check Back in June

Embark on a journey with the Golden Oyster, an effortlessly thriving summer variety that's a joy to cultivate. Here's what makes them special:

Fast and Fruiting:

  • Goldens are quick off the mark, often beginning to fruit right in the bag. Don't be surprised if they can't wait for you! Follow the kit instructions and cut the bag upon arrival to give these aggressive fruiters the space they crave.

Early Bloomers:

  • Golden Oysters may start fruiting before consuming all the growing media in their kit. Stay on top of their swift growth by adhering to the provided instructions. Early fruiting means a quicker path to enjoying your homegrown harvest.

Pro Tips for Success:

  • As with all our fast-growing species, prioritize regular misting and ensure good air exchange. Create the ideal environment for your Goldens to flourish.

Out of Season Notice:

  • Currently out of season. Please check back in June for availability and start your Golden Oyster mushroom-growing adventure.

Note: Availability subject to seasonal changes. Thank you for your patience and happy growing!

As a bonus, we'll automatically email you our comprehensive Grow at Home Guidebook. Elevate your understanding and ensure a successful harvest with our expert tips and guidance. Happy growing!

Cultivate Mushrooms in Just 10 Days with Our Three-Step Process: Cut the Bag, Mist, Harvest. Proudly produced in Canada - Chemical and Pesticide-Free. 

Please be advised that we ship kits ready to grow and recommend fruiting your mushrooms within 30 days of purchase or we cannot guarantee success or a refund.

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