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Grow-at-Home Kit FAQ's

My grow-kit is completely white, how do I cut the bag?

The grow-kits are SO easy. Cut the top off the bag, leaving about 6 inches of plastic as a “tall fence” around it. Mist MANY times daily to avoid drying out.

Should I build a grow box?

We DO NOT recommend using a grow box unless you are an experienced mushroom grower or have done research on how to construct one. If you choose to use one without proper research and design be aware that as the mushrooms grow they are likely to grow long and stringy without a cap. This is due to high CO2 and lack of Oxygen. Do so at your own risk.

How do I know my grow kits is ready to cut?

We ship our kits ready to go. There will be a personalized note with your kit to follow. You will likely see mushrooms starting to pin at the top of the substrate, this is a good sign you’re ready to cut the bag!

My kit has growth in it already, it that okay?

Absolutely, the mushroom mycelium begins pinning when it is ready to grow mushrooms. Please ensure you fruit your kit as soon as possible once it arrives to ensure optimal performance.

How often should I mist the mushrooms?

Ideally 4-6 times daily of a heavy mist. If any water pools at the bottom of the kit over time simply pour it out like you would a plant tray.

How do I know my mushrooms are ready to harvest?

Harvesting your mushrooms at the right time is essential for optimal taste and texture. Watch out for these signs to know it’s time to harvest:

  • They have stopped doubling in size daily.
  • They have started to lighten in colour.
  • They have a distinct brown ring around the edge of their cap.
  • Their caps begin to flatten out or turn upward.

I don't see any growth, what is happening?

You will start to see pins forming very quickly after cutting and misting the bag. They are tiny at first and will grow very quickly. Caps forming will take the longest amount of time, which are dark in color, and will double in size each day afterwards.

How many mushrooms will grow from my kit?

Each grow-kit and species is unique, which means the amount of growth you may see from your grow-kit can vary. Some grow-kits will grow 2-3 large mushroom caps and others will have a dozen smaller caps with each harvest – mushrooms grow in such a way that it is very hard to predict exactly what you’ll harvest! We guarantee you will have 1-2 servings of mushrooms from each of two harvests – if you don’t think you’re seeing this growth reach out to us with a picture and we’ll be happy to help!

Where in my home should I place my grow kit?

Your mushrooms will do best in a room temperature place with indirect sunlight. Avoid locations with direct sunlight as mushrooms are shade lovers.

What temperature is best for my kit?

Your mushrooms will grow in normal room temperatures (18-20 ℃) but do not mind slightly warmer spaces. Alternatively, if your mushrooms will be in an area that is below 15 ℃ for most of the day growth will be much slower.

Some discolorations are completely normal in warmer temperatures or low humidity conditions, so do not be concerned. Lion's Mane can even take on a pink hue!