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Chestnut Grow-At-Home Mushroom Kit

Chestnut Grow-At-Home Mushroom Kit

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Experience the Richness of Chestnut Mushrooms at Home

Introducing the Chestnut Grow At Home Mushroom Kit:

Cultivate Delight in Your Kitchen:

  • Unleash your inner mycologist with the Chestnut Mushroom Kit, designed for home cultivation enthusiasts. Grow and savor the nutty flavor of these unique mushrooms right from your kitchen.

Advanced Growing, Simplified for You:

  • Explore the world of advanced mushroom cultivation with the Chestnut variety. This kit simplifies the process, making it accessible for all levels of growers. No need for complicated setups – just follow our user-friendly instructions.

Distinctive Flavor Profile:

  • Chestnut mushrooms offer a robust, nutty taste that adds a gourmet punch to your culinary creations. Elevate your dishes with these delectable fungi.

How to Grow:

  1. Cut an H-shaped slit in the substrate, creating an environment that mimics their natural habitat.
  2. Follow the provided instructions for misting and maintaining the ideal conditions for growth.
  3. Watch as the Chestnut mushrooms flourish and delight your senses.


A gentle reminder: Chestnut is a slow-growing species, requiring up to 20 days to reach full maturity. This is a more advanced species and we recommend growing an oyster variety first if you are a beginner grower. As a bonus, we'll automatically email you our comprehensive Grow at Home Guidebook. Elevate your understanding and ensure a successful harvest with our expert tips and guidance. Happy growing!

Cultivate Mushrooms in Just 10 Days with Our Three-Step Process: Cut the Bag, Mist, Harvest. Proudly produced in Canada - Chemical and Pesticide-Free. 

Please be advised that we ship kits ready to grow and recommend fruiting your mushrooms within 30 days of purchase or we cannot guarantee success or a refund.

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