Mushroom Flavour Profiles

Local • All Natural • Pesticide Free

Pearl Oyster 
Is a mushroom species native to the Okanagan. It is a beautiful grey color and packs a subtle, velvety sweet flavor. Excellent versatile mushroom for any dish. 

Phoenix Oyster 
This mushroom has a distinct aroma, velvety texture, and unique wavy cap when mature. Tender with a mild, slightly sweet flavor, reminiscent of anise. Excellent grilled, smoked, or sauteed into your favorite dish. 

Blue Oyster 
Is smaller and has a more delicate texture than the other oyster mushrooms. It has a mild flavor and is excellent in Asian inspired cuisine. 

NEW Black Pearl King Oyster
This unique hybrid was developed by crossbreeding European oyster mushrooms with Japanese oyster mushrooms. The result, these mushrooms are dense and meaty with large edible stems. They cook up with the meaty texture of King Trumpets but with the softness of oyster mushrooms. Complex flavor with sweet notes and peppery finish. Excellent meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. 

Lions Mane
One of the most interesting and beautiful mushrooms in the world with its shaggy toothed texture. Flavor and texture similar to crab or lobster, with a meaty stringy texture. Cooking in butter intensifies that flavor. Excellent pan seared as steaks, in street tacos, or shredded into vegetarian “crab cakes”.  

These are bold and woodsy. Excellent for a gravy, roast, risotto, shepherd’s pie, and stand up well to bold spices or meats. Think sage, thyme, savory. They are a fan favorite at the Farmer’s Market. Just remember to watch how many left overs you eat as they’re nature’s laxative 🙂 

Mixed Mushrooms
Our mixed mushroom bags give you the ability to try a new mushroom species without committing to a whole bag! Enjoy a variety of our freshest mushrooms from the greenhouse and test out specialty varieties for the same price as our oyster mushrooms. In our experience a mix of mushrooms always delivers the best flavor and texture in any recipe. Our family favorites are sauteed on toast, simple mushroom sauce to top cuts of meat or veggies, and of course mushroom soup. Get creative and try adding mixed mushrooms to your go to dishes